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- http://www.c-stan.fr (in French) - submitted 18-07-2008

Specialising in website creation and web services, Nancy-based C-Stan also provide advice on and expertise in information systems and open source solutions.

- http://www.viasourcing.com (in French) - submitted 18-06-2007

Viasourcing is a firm offering consultancy and training in the field of purchases. They provide a variety of services to make your purchases more effective. Manager Sandrine Grumberg presents her business thus : “Our services increase your profitability by allowing you to make better purchases.
“Purchases make up more than 60% of a business’s turnover and are therefore one of the key elements of your business’s profitability. To improve these purchases, effective methods need to be put in place, making it easier to carry out tasks while achieving the best possible results.
“Our main ambition is to bring about a change in the way purchases are viewed. To achieve this, we offer practical advice and concrete ways of helping you follow it.”

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