Through the “Talents of 2007” contest, the management consultancy firm Alexis have been talking about the development of mentoring in France.

An article from the 27th August 2007 edition of the Est Républicain, linked below, describes Alterval’s mentoring system as a “technical and technological innovation”. An effective tool for transmitting knowledge in businesses, it can be set up as a new mentoring programme or can be used to strengthen an existing tutoring programme.

The specificity of the Mentoring solution is that the support actively involves both the knowledge transmitter and the learner. Generally, knowledge transmission and training in businesses are largely based on the transmitter, who can sometimes find themselves with no support when they reach their pedagogical limits and have difficulty putting their knowledge into words. The “positive routine”, which allows an employee to work efficiently and effectively without asking themselves too many questions, is often a hindrance when they try to access their own knowledge.

Alterval Mentoring facilitates the extraction, explanation and transmission of knowledge and skills.