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About us

Alterval’s management team

  • Grégory Bouadroune, occupational psychologist
  • Gilbert Morlet, Doctor of Educational Sciences

-  Combining experience and research
Based on their own experiences in businesses, the co-directors of Alterval evaluated the impact that the absence of knowledge transmission has on businesses. Using research in Human and Social Sciences, Gilbert and Grégory decided to create effective tools which have the advantage of being adaptable to the organisation and strategies of individual businesses.

- Innovation
With the support of Lorraine universities, Alterval created tests designed specifically for the transmission of knowledge. This tool allows the sharing of knowledge and skills between transmitters and learners to be optimised. The recommendations established as a result of the test can be applied immediately in the workplace.

- Facilitating and creating links
Building up skills and knowledge is impossible without the human element. Alterval provides a method that focuses on the human side of maintaining, transmitting and developing key strategic knowledge.

Knowledge is enriched information – it is this richness that is worth sharing !

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