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Mentorat Blog - Mentoring news

mardi 30 août 2011

Mentoring – helping young Canadian businesses succeed

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is developing programmes whereby young entrepreneurs are supported by qualified Mentors, following a successful trial by the Prince’s Youth Business Trust in the U.K.

Mentoring : a knowledge transmission tool

An article in the Est Républicain describes Alterval’s mentoring system as a “technical and technological innovation”. The specificity of the Mentoring solution is that the support actively involves both the knowledge transmitter and the learner. Alterval Mentoring facilitates the extraction, explanation and transmission of knowledge and skills.

An international mentoring experience with the Polytechnic Institute (by Sylvie Jeannequin)

In my role as project manager at the Polytechnic Institute, I have set up an international mentoring programme with the aim of bringing about the transmission of knowledge from scientific and technical experts to promising young scientists, working in groups of three. We combined our team’s skills with Alterval’s Mentor and Mentee profiles.

Why study mentoring ? by Danièle Boulard

Danièle Boulard presents the results of a survey on how mentoring is seen in Canada

The different faces of mentoring (by Danièle Boulard)

Danièle Boulard presents more of her findings on how mentoring is seen in Canada

Knowledge and skill management in businesses : a risk or an opportunity ?

Developing mentoring in France has allowed us to envisage a genuine culture transformation in the integration of new employees, the ways they are supported, and how knowledge is transmitted in businesses.

Mentoring, a new organisational tool - Alterval participate in a discussion on a France 5 programme about effective management

Grégory Bouadroune describes Alterval’s mentoring system, an effective tool for transmitting knowledge and creating links in businesses, and a technician from ArcelorMittal recounts his participation in a mentoring programme.

Following Canada’s lead – Belgium takes up business mentoring

In the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre municipality, a pilot project on business mentoring was launched at the beginning of this year. The concept of business mentoring allows young entrepreneurs (Mentees) to benefit from the advice and expertise of more experienced professionals (Mentors).

Mentoring as a training strategy : becoming a Mentor in the Belgian police

The website of the Belgian Federal Police describes the role Mentors play in their strategy of on-the-job internal training.

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